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Fatherhood Institute

The Institute’s vision is for a society that gives all children a strong and positive relationship with their father and any father-figures; supports both mothers and fathers as earners and carers; and prepares boys and girls for a future shared role in caring for children.

SPAN (Single Parent Action Network)
SPAN is a uniquely diverse organisation empowering one parent families throughout the UK. SPAN's aims are to:
Support single parents to empower themselves and take control of their lives
Give a voice to one parent families from diverse backgrounds and cultures living in poverty and isolation.
Support the development of user-led one parent family groups Work with organisations and decision-making bodies.
Develop partnerships to improve policies for one parent families in the UK and internationally Celebrate our diversity, our children, our lives.

(Families Need Fathers)
Parental divorce or separation should not mean that children lose the love and care of one of their parents. Families Need Fathers seeks to obtain, for the children, the best possible blend of both parents in the lives of children; enough for the children to realise that both parents are fully involved in their lives. Legally, parents should be of equal status.

Job Centre Plus

Jobcentre Plus is a government agency supporting people of working age from welfare into work, and helping employers to fill their vacancies. We are part of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and play a major role in supporting the Department’s aim to ‘promote opportunity and independence for all through modern, customer-focused services’.