Most recently my son has learnt to ride his bike, he is gaining confidence rapidly with my support, the visions of his 1st take off solo (unaware of me no longer holding his seat) he flew off navigating corners with in 15 seconds of is first try, amazing for him ! memories
which will last a life time for me.  There’s no stopping him now.

My son and I have our usual ups and down ,but always strive for positive fulfilling days, fortunately we have found the Redcliffe Fathers Group, more for myself with a direct effect on finding more interesting activities for  us to involve ourselves, which also lead us onto the Windmill Hill City Farm, which has become more rewarding for the both of
us as time has gone by, food activities, family computing courses, to mention only a few, with only having limited personal funds all the above activities are a welcomed balance to our lives. Future thoughts of seeing myself back into the work place through voluntary/training possibilities, which will in turn lead us to open our horizons further. 


Mahesh and his family


Hi I’m Mahesh I’m a father living in Redcliffe Bristol. 

My wife and I come from Sri Lanka.   I’m a qualified Textile Engineer but my main daily job is looking after my lovely daughter Dasuni age 3.  I have been living in the area for the last three years.  I joined the Redcliffe fathers group two years ago. It is a wonderful group for fathers who are living in Bristol.

Being part of the fathers group has also helped me to meet and talk with other fathers and participate in various activities with my child.

The father’s group has also helped me in a number ways, these include: spending quality leisure time with my daughter, share experiences together, managing my time and scheduling, planning, dealing with shopping and meal time and every day general routine.  Being a full time dad has also helped me to keep dealing with deadlines, organising, as I’m always on the go!

The fathers group has enabled me to meet other fathers and take part in activities which are very positive as it helps to break down isolation. 

Being part of the fathers group has enabled me to enrol on an English course at the local college.  I have since completed this course and now applied to do the next level up which I am best pleased with as this helps me gain qualifications.

I think fathers should join local groups because it can be fun, you gain skills, share experiences, and be counted!

Steve and his family


Hi my name is Steve, I have two children Christian age 4 and Ethan age 6. They keep me busy from when they wake up to when they finally go to bed.

I'll start by talking about what its like putting the children to bed, you know, when they're kind of tired, they have had tea, washed, its approaching 7pm and they know its bedtime. So we all go up to the bedroom and I let them do their own thing for half an hour. Then I think "right it's time to quiet down and go to sleep" and you've guessed it - they are up 4 minutes later.

They have built tents, all the toys have been out, we have had water games, we had toys thrown out of the window and one of them says the other one did it, all fun and games here, but worth it!

I like to think ahead of the game, things like reading a story to the children can help, I've tried bribary but the best way is to tire them out with fun and games!